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Jan 28


What’s Hot: ALTARing Your Mood with Healthy Drink Choices

At Mizzfit's Spa/Workout Party at Exhale Spa, I had the opportunity to try the ALTAR Herbal Martini. I am always skeptical of non-alcoholic juice blends, as I fear they are full of sugar, high in carlories, and are just too sweet. But ALTAR proved me wrong! ALTAR is all natural, made with organic ingrediants, no artificial sugars or s... Read More

Jan 25

Bride Buzz

Altar A new herbal martini mix perfect for the wedding-obsessed...

We’re not going to lie: We’re obsessed with ALTAR, a new line of herbal martinis, because its name is pretty awesome. But there are a lot of other reasons, as well…

ALTAR is a new line of “Herbal Martinis” curated to be enjoyed alone as the first non-alcoholic adult sophisticated beverage, or paired with fine spir... Read More

Jan 22

Beverage Industry

Altar Co. LLC launched a line of all-natural, non-alcohol herbal martinis made with vegetable juices, fruit juices, single-estate teas, spices and botanicals. Available in Aphrodisiac, Bliss, Chi, Restore and Chill varieties, each 750-ml bottle contains eight servings with fewer than 40 calories in each serving and can be consumed by itself or mixed with alcohol. Altar Herbal Martinis also are hi... Read More

Jan 22


Introducing Altar Herbal Martinis

Cocktail culture has a habit of looking to the past, even when the goal is inspiration for something new. Altar, a just-launched line of all-natural, non-alcoholic herbal martinis, looks all the way back to the birth of the cocktail, focusing on its apothecary roots, as well as its health and healing properties. Each Altar flavor--there are five: Aphrodisiac, ... Read More