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Mar 29


Every celebration calls for a drink. Serve a healthy, non-alcoholic and low-cal beverage that everyone can sip on (post-workout, of course). I like ALTAR Herbal Martinis because they’re natural, juice-blended mocktails. The Chi flavor tastes like it’s spiked but it’s really made with tea. Buy some plastic martini glasses and make a toast to friendship. Read More

Mar 29

Headlines and Heroes

A World Of Flavor The invention of the upcoming SpaceLiner, which can get you from Turkey to Australia in just 90 minutes, is fairly solid proof that we live in a global culture, and soon enough, there will be no such thing as “local” anymore. If you need more proof of this glorious globalization (and you like that proof spiked with gin), shake yourself up a nice herbal martini made with Alta... Read More

Mar 22

The Succulent Wife

Has “Mad Men” Brought Back the Romance of the Cocktail? If you are a fan of the Mad  Men show, then you know that the era’s drink of choice was the cocktail – and not just one… Set in the 60′s in NYC, the era romanticized the Rat Pack’s image of a bottomless drink and a smoke, a vice for each hand. Forget about the cigarette. The cocktail represents the return of drink sophistica... Read More

Mar 19


Move Over OJ, there is a New Mixer in Town!

As spring embraces and warms the South, folks will begin the mass exodus from their dwellings after a long and wet winter, and their need for healthy foods and refreshing cocktails will top their grocery lists. Lucky for us, there is a new beverage that will soon be in everyone’s shopping cart. Altar Herbal Martini, the first herbal and botanical moo... Read More