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Aug 28

Beverages With Honey – National Honey Board

  Altar Herbal Martinis  

Altar’s line of all-natural, non-alcohol herbal martinis are made with vegetable juices, single-estate teas, spices and botanicals. Each 750-ml bottle contains eight servings with fewer than 40 calories in each serving. The Chi, Restore and Chill varieties contain organic honey. Altar was created by a group of gourmet food and beverage friends—Jagatjoti Khalsa, ... Read More

Aug 26

Wall Street Journal

  The Mocktails of Summer   Can the mocktail get respect? Whether it's for health reasons or just a change of pace, the alcohol-free cocktail is cropping up everywhere around town. A mocktail could be a fresh option for that last crop of marathon parties before the weather drives everyone inside. Some of the city's mocktail experts offer a few tips.

Altar Chi- Herbal Martini "What you wa... Read More

Aug 21

Food 52

These herbal and botanical drinks (all natural, gluten free, and without a trace of added sugar) are just the elixir you need to calm you down after a long day.

Made in: USA Bliss: organic white grapes, German chamomile flowers, sweet rose petals, pandon and shiso leaf extract, hibiscus, and elder flower, ostmanthus oolong, lemon balm, l-theanine, rose flower, organic tea flower, passion flower... Read More

Aug 07

The Fashion Spot

Kick Your Diet Coke Habit With These (Delicious!) Healthy Alternatives Those zero calorie diet sodas may seem harmless, but not only do most contain aspartame which has been linked to cancer, a number of studies have shown that people who drink at least two diet sodas a day are more likely to gain weight. Similarly, fruit juices tend to be loaded with sugar, ditto for cocktail mixers. Don't pack... Read More