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Sep 27

The Beauty Bean

  DIY Spa Day: 6 Steps To At-Home Relaxation

By Alix Turoff Between our careers, workout regimens, families, and social lives (on top of everything else we do!), we rarely take the time to treat ourselves to some quality relaxation time. When we’re constantly working, running around, and skimping on sleep, cortisol, a stress hormone, begins to build up in our bodies and we start to get sick m... Read More

Sep 25

ALTAR + Frost Ice

Check out ALTAR's newest account in Boston - Frost Ice Bar.    Stop by and enjoy the 1912 ALTAR cocktail: 2 oz ALTAR CHI
1 oz CROP Organic Cucumber Vodka
1 oz Ginger Liqueur
Top w/ Ginger Beer Pour ingredients in an ice martini glass and serve up.


  About Frost Ice: Experience the coolest thing to do in Boston; New England's only Ice Bar in Faneuil Hall, Boston. ht... Read More

Sep 17

Well + Good NYC – Now you can drink your herbs and spices


ALTAR Herbal Martinis ALTAR's beverages are healthy mocktails on their own, and they can also be used as mixers to create healthy-ish cocktails. (Bartenders around the country have even started stocking them.) Each beverage comes with its own unique base, herbal blend, and objective. Chi, for example, is meant to inspire energy and vigor with ingredients like green tea, white ginseng, ast... Read More