Sep 25

ALTAR + Frost Ice

Check out ALTAR's newest account in Boston - Frost Ice Bar.    Stop by and enjoy the 1912 ALTAR cocktail: 2 oz ALTAR CHI
1 oz CROP Organic Cucumber Vodka
1 oz Ginger Liqueur
Top w/ Ginger Beer Pour ingredients in an ice martini glass and serve up.


  About Frost Ice: Experience the coolest thing to do in Boston; New England's only Ice Bar in Faneuil Hall, Boston. ht... Read More

Aug 07

ALTAR’s Feature on The Fashion Spot


Kick Your Diet Coke Habit With These (Delicious!) Healthy Alternatives Those zero calorie diet sodas may seem harmless, but not only do most contain aspartame which has been linked to cancer, a number of studies have shown that people who drink at least two diet sodas a day are more likely to gain weight. Similarly, fruit juices tend to be loaded with sugar, ditto for cocktail mixers. Don't p... Read More

Jul 23

ALTAR Herbal Martini- Our Secret Curations

Our Secret Curations We are honored to share our first recipe book- Our Secret Curations!

Inside this 28-page pocket size book we share with you some of our most desired curations demonstrating ALTAR's unique contribution as a sophisticated alcohol-free beverage, an herbal cocktail mixer and a premium culinary ingredient.  We hope you will discover your own recipes and join us in honoring the wo... Read More

Jul 18

The Art of the Herbal Martini

The Art of the Herbal Martini

The ALTAR Herbal Martini is part art, part chemistry. It is an all-natural premium Alcohol Free beverage masterfully blending the world’s finest and most exotic fruits, vegetables, teas, spices, along with a totally unique herbal formulation taking you on a journey beyond mind and palate. A truly extraordinary mood enhancing experience. Culinary infusions such as ... Read More