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Feb 21

Fancy Food Magazine

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Wednesday, February 19, 2014 Editor’s Choice: ALTAR

  Last Friday was Valentine’s Day and I thought it would be a good time to sample an herbal martini from ALTAR. According to the company, ALTAR is “the world’s first premium Herbal & Botanical Mood Mixer curated to be enjoyed alone as an ‘Herbal Martini’ or paired with fine spirits as a craft cocktail mixer.” I was curious a... Read More

Jan 28

San Jose Mercury News

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  Trendspotting at the Fancy Food Show: 10 Great Bites (plus Sriracha lip balm)

By Jolene Thym


Staff archives: People cruise the many isles at the 2013 Fancy Food Show held at Moscone Center in San Francisco on Jan. 20, 2013. (Susan Tripp Pollard/Bay Area News Group Archives)

  Hungry gridlocked crowds packed San Francisco's Moscone Center this week, seeking out the most delicious... Read More

Jan 28

Fox40 TV

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Dana Johnson of Dana’s Family Kitchen shows off the latest food trends and products on the market. ... Read More

Jan 28

Forage & Fodder

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  gift guide // your favorite barkeep December 11, 2013

this guide is full of little somethings for the person that always keeps the party going. whether they’re a novice mixologist or an expert creator of tinctures, these goods are sure to lift their spirits (pun very much intended). ... Read More

Jan 28

Made Men

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Justin Fix and Mike Daze, Blind Barber, Los Angeles 1 oz. Jagermeister Spice (60 calories)
1 oz. Remy V (64 calories)
1 oz. Altar Aphrodisiac (25 calories)
1 oz. apple cider (15 calories)
1/2 oz. lemon juice (3 calories)
1/2 oz. amber agave (25 calories)
4 dashes Angostura bitters (8 calories)
Total calories: 200 Shake and strain ove... Read More

Jan 28

Veranda Magazine

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12 Chic Gifts Ideas Under $100  

  Botanical Mixers Tasty herbal and botanical concoctions will up the ante at cocktail hour and look chic lined up on a bar cart. Altar Herbal Martini, $20; ... Read More

Dec 10

SELF Magazine

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by Marjorie Korn, Associate Food and Nutrition Editor

A Thanksgiving-Themed Martini (That Can Be Served Virgin or Not!) Welcome to Thirsty Thursday! Each week we toast the coming weekend with a new adult beverage for you to enjoy. Tweet @SELFmagazine and our associate editor of food + nutrition @MarjorieKorn and tell us what you're imbibing. Cheers!

Happy Thanksgiving, imbibers! If you're in ... Read More

Dec 10

Hemispheres Magazine

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  Premium Blend Author Erin Brady

If there was a victim of the bespoke cocktail movement, it was clearly ’80s-style neon sour mix, which was ushered straight off the shelves and into the trash can to make room for housemade tinctures and infusions. But this also left room for a new generation of store-bought, apothecary-style mixers, such as Q tonic, Fee Brothers celery bitters and Modmix’... Read More

Oct 14

Details Magazine

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Sounds Terrible, Tastes Delicious: Yes, Yogurt Cocktails Are Really a Thing Just when you thought you'd seen it all in the cocktail world—the neo-medicinal herbs, the precious homemade bitters, the fetishistic ice fanaticism—bartenders have once again found a new toy to play with, and it's got a quasi-health angle too. The new trend in craft cocktails plays up an ingredient that delivers all ... Read More

Sep 27

The Beauty Bean

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  DIY Spa Day: 6 Steps To At-Home Relaxation

By Alix Turoff Between our careers, workout regimens, families, and social lives (on top of everything else we do!), we rarely take the time to treat ourselves to some quality relaxation time. When we’re constantly working, running around, and skimping on sleep, cortisol, a stress hormone, begins to build up in our bodies and we start to get sick m... Read More

Sep 17

Well + Good NYC – Now you can drink your herbs and spices

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ALTAR Herbal Martinis ALTAR's beverages are healthy mocktails on their own, and they can also be used as mixers to create healthy-ish cocktails. (Bartenders around the country have even started stocking them.) Each beverage comes with its own unique base, herbal blend, and objective. Chi, for example, is meant to inspire energy and vigor with ingredients like green tea, white ginseng, ast... Read More

Aug 28

Beverages With Honey – National Honey Board

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  Altar Herbal Martinis  

Altar’s line of all-natural, non-alcohol herbal martinis are made with vegetable juices, single-estate teas, spices and botanicals. Each 750-ml bottle contains eight servings with fewer than 40 calories in each serving. The Chi, Restore and Chill varieties contain organic honey. Altar was created by a group of gourmet food and beverage friends—Jagatjoti Khalsa, ... Read More

Aug 26

Wall Street Journal


  The Mocktails of Summer   Can the mocktail get respect? Whether it's for health reasons or just a change of pace, the alcohol-free cocktail is cropping up everywhere around town. A mocktail could be a fresh option for that last crop of marathon parties before the weather drives everyone inside. Some of the city's mocktail experts offer a few tips.

Altar Chi- Herbal Martini "What you wa... Read More

Aug 21

Food 52

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These herbal and botanical drinks (all natural, gluten free, and without a trace of added sugar) are just the elixir you need to calm you down after a long day.

Made in: USA Bliss: organic white grapes, German chamomile flowers, sweet rose petals, pandon and shiso leaf extract, hibiscus, and elder flower, ostmanthus oolong, lemon balm, l-theanine, rose flower, organic tea flower, passion flower... Read More

Aug 07

The Fashion Spot

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Kick Your Diet Coke Habit With These (Delicious!) Healthy Alternatives Those zero calorie diet sodas may seem harmless, but not only do most contain aspartame which has been linked to cancer, a number of studies have shown that people who drink at least two diet sodas a day are more likely to gain weight. Similarly, fruit juices tend to be loaded with sugar, ditto for cocktail mixers. Don't pack... Read More

Aug 05

MSN Living

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Sip your way to a glowing complexion You've probably seen pictures of celebs sipping on green juice, and thanks to the popularity of drinking your fruits and veggies and new organic-juice bar chains, they're not the only ones. The juicing trend is now traveling to your face, so this summer, hydrate and fortify skin with wrinkle-fighting antioxidants, such as vitamins A, C, and E, by imbibing your... Read More

Aug 01

Pregnancy & Newborn Magazine


  "Stuff We Love" 

... Read More

Jul 11

Chilled Magazine



... Read More

Jul 05

Portland Business Journal


Altar, a non-alcoholic cocktail perfect for designated drivers Four friends go to an upscale restaurant for dinner. One friend agrees to be the designated driver. The other three order cocktails and split a bottle of wine. The group wants to order a third round of cocktails after dinner. The trouble? The designated driver has lost interest. Out of courtesy, the friends pass on the last round of ... Read More

Jul 02

Pregnancy Magazine

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  Nine months of water and juice while my husband enjoys a nice glass of wine can certainly get old, so it’s been great to discover ALTAR Herbal Martinis, a new non-alcoholic beverage that comes in an elegant glass bottle.  While ALTAR can be used as a mixer to pair with champagne, gin, vodka or another favorite liquor, it also tastes fantastically refreshing on its own, alcohol-free. ALT... Read More