The Altar Story

The Altar Story

Since the first cocktail was invented by apothecaries in the early 1800’s, cocktails have long been tied to healing and health.

Apothecaries and Mixologists blended herbs, spices, alcohols and other ingredients to create elixirs to cure the ills and maladies of everyday life. They experimented and evolved the craft by combining flavors and ingredients from their local garden in an effort to create the perfect drink.

In the last 200 years, the landscape has evolved and the cocktail culture has gone global. Today, cocktails appear to be migrating back, at least symbolically, as inventive bartenders sift through artifacts of the past, rediscovering and redeploying ingredients once found in the apothecary's cabinets.

This new energy and zeal is allowing unparalleled inventiveness and access to uncommon ingredients. From the Himalayan Rhodiola, a beautiful plant with dark red and pinkish flowers to the vibrant Oregon spearmint to the perfect flowing jasmine which adds an elegant floral note to the bouquet of the beverage, to the Schizandra berry found the forests in China with its five tastes (sweet, salt, hot, sour and bitter) to Hyssop native to Southern Europe which brings its glorious licorice mint flavor to round out the high note.

These rare and exotic ingredients are being shared, exchanged and cultivated throughout regions of the world. This concept of ‘borrowing from global gardens’ has inspired a team of extraordinary mixologists and herbalists to create a one of a kind premium beverage curated to be enjoyed alone or paired with fine spirits: The ALTAR™ Herbal Martini, the first Herbal & Botanical Mood Mixer™