The Art of the Herbal Martini

The Art of the Herbal Martini

The ALTAR Herbal Martini is part art, part chemistry.

It is an all-natural premium Alcohol Free beverage masterfully blending the world’s finest and most exotic fruits, vegetables, teas, spices, along with a totally unique herbal formulation taking you on a journey beyond mind and palate.

A truly extraordinary mood enhancing experience.

Culinary infusions such as Heirloom yellow tomatoes muddled with yellow bell peppers, Jalapeno pepper, cucumbers, tomatillos, Spanish lemon thyme, smoked sea salt, linden flower and ALTAR's own white worcestershire sauce make the perfect contemporary “Mary” mix, and then paired with our ALTAR herbal infusion to bring restoration and the perfect balance of flavors to a new level.

All showcase ALTAR’s artful talent for creating unexpected combinations of complex flavors to lead you on a sensory exploration.