The Team

The Team

ALTAR is inspired by changing and "altering" ones sensory experience. We are a team of passionate individuals who embrace, cherish and honor global gardens and their sacred nature. We stop at nothing to find and discover rare and exotic flavors and ingredients.

Created by a group of passionate gourmet food & beverage friends, including the visionary Founder also known as the "Jagat Appleseed of Herbal Martini's", Jagatjoti Khalsa.

Jagatjoti Khalsa / he is inspired by finding sacredness and consideration in everything he does and sharing it with those around him. He embraces and devotes his life to curating and unearthing exotic foods and beverages. His favorite flavor pairing is Kumquats and Fresh Fennel which he discovered by accident as it was all that was left in his kitchen one afternoon when he was formulating ALTAR. He has traveled the globe, most memorable trip to date was a visit to the Golden Temple where he helped prepare food for 80,000 by hand.

Dean Porter / he appreciates the thoughtfulness and genuine action of people caring for others. He admires the art of wine making and vividly recalls his most memorable wine tasting experience, nearly 25 years ago, at Caymus in Napa Valley with Charlie Wagner pouring and sharing stories about his life. He enjoys the musical beats of hard rock and is an avid fan of ACDC. His favorite curation is of course ALTAR.

Sarah (Schleider) Goldberger / she is passionate about discovering and learning about the human spirit and positively impacting the world around her. Champagne paired with ALTAR Bliss is her most fancied beverage. She enjoys the adventure of experiencing global cuisines and flavors, and treasures exquisite style and honors the holy grail of Parisian fashion houses Chanel, Dior, Lanvin and LV.

Dan Heiges / he is devoted to sharing his artistic passion for food and science. He relishes in the pursuit of creating the most challenging and complex flavors. The most interesting and complicated meal that he has mastered  is an Ethiopian feast where he created everything from scratch. His favorite curation is ALTAR Chi.

John Badalati/ he is inspired by his wife and children and take great pride in elevating their everyday experiences. He loves music, snowboarding and sports in general. He enjoys making a homemade pancake breakfast and never passes on the opportunity to enjoy a lobster. His favorite curation is ALTAR Restore.